Vision, Purpose, Objectives


To work collaboratively with our partners to create a better airport experience for our customers and to be an economic enabler for Bahrain

Strategic Objectives

strategic objectives

BAC’s vision has been inspired by Bahrain’s welcoming culture and heritage and build on BIA’s competitive advantage in the region as a friendly and efficient airport. Our strategy promises to further capitalize on these unique elements to boost BIA’s service and operational abilities for the benefit of our travelers and stakeholders, ultimately offering the world a strategic gateway that will make our country proud.

Our vision, mission and strategic objectives were born from within the organization and are the culmination of endless months of hard work committed to by the Executive Management team who worked tirelessly to study the market and understand its needs and requirements whilst anticipating future aviation trends – these findings form the foundations of BAC’s long-term corporate strategy which will see the company through the Airport Modernization Journey and into a new and prosperous era.

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