Route Development

Historically, the Kingdom of Bahrain has always been the gateway that connects the East to the West and Bahrain International Airport (BIA) has been at the forefront at establishing key trade routes as well as in opening the windows to the world. Since it’s first flight in 1932, Bahrain has cemented its position as one of the key airports in the world due to its unrivalled location, aviation advancements and competitive edge.

Strategic Location

Located at the heart of the Gulf, the Bahrain enjoys unrivalled benefits that can be passed on to your company. The Kingdom’s open-mindedness in embracing different cultures as well cementing strong relationships with its neighbours keeps businesses and trade constantly flourishing. Moreover, compared to other countries in the Gulf, Bahrain has the shortest travel time between its seaport, airport and logisticsprocessing zone. This offers you a key competitive edge and helps your company to serve markets in the Middle East with ease and efficiency.

Preferred Aviation Hub

When it comes to aviation, BIA has a rich heritage and is ideal for every business that needs a strong aviation hub in the region. For over 60 years, it has connected the world and run some of the most important commercial operations in the Gulf and the Middle East and North Africa (MENA). Today, we connect major international destinations across North America, Europe, Africa, Asia and the Far East while offering the highest frequency of regional services. In fact, our superior connectivity is the reason DHL has set up its regional base here for the past 35 years. Several other major international cargo carriers have followed too like British Airways, Cargolux, Lufthansa, Emirates, Sky Cargo and others running successful operations in BIA.

A Competitive Edge

There are several important reasons why BIA has a distinct advantage over others. To begin with, it enjoys a powerful catchment area of 3.2 million in Bahrain and a catchment area of 5.2 million in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia. In terms of connectivity, every major city in the GCC can be reached within an hour of flying time. For instance, it connects over 250 million people within 2 hours flying time. It also connects Kuwait and Riyadh within 45 minutes by air and 26 km by road. Moreover, the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia is easily navigable by road (approximately 26kms). This makes it one of the major centres for finance, banking and insurance in the Middle East with access to the biggest market in the Gulf Region and Saudi Arabia. Additionally, a liberal visa policy also means that over 66 countries get a visa upon arrival while 113 countries have access to e-visas.

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