Bahrain Airport Company becomes first in the region to implement new cloud-based application

In line with its digital transformation strategy, Bahrain Airport Company (BAC) has become the first company in the region to implement IBM Maxima, a new cloud-based application that will streamline assets and inventory management functions at the new Passenger Terminal Building when it launches in 2020. To mark the occasion, BAC held a ceremony attended by top management, including Chief Executive Officer Mohamed Yousif Al Binfalah and senior representatives from IBM and Gulf Business Machines (GBM), the distributor for IBM in the region.

The Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) application will be fully integrated with different sub systems, including Oracle Fusion, a cloud Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) application that handles BAC’s Human Resource, Finance, and Procurement functions. Together, these applications will support all of BAC’s operations.

Mr. Al Binfalah said: “The IBM Maximo application will play a vital role in helping BAC to manage and operate the new terminal’s high-value physical assets with greater visibility and control, while optimising performance, extending asset life cycles, and reducing operational downtime and costs. Many companies struggle to decide whether to implement an EAM or ERP system as selecting both can be costly. With this integrated solution, BAC can leverage the best of both to ensure the new terminal operates safely and effectively in all areas.”

Mr. Al Binfalah added: “BAC’s adoption of the ‘Cloud First’ Policy is in line with the National Strategic Plan and Government Work Plan, which is encouraging organisations to deliver improved services with lower IT operation costs, enabling them to focus on running their business rather than the maintenance of expensive IT systems. At BAC, we remain committed to investing in our information and communications technology capabilities, which, in turn, will enable us to keep pace with the Kingdom’s ongoing digital transformation, and support BIA’s development through the Airport Modernisation Programme.”

Additional benefits of the new application include integrated asset information and history, unified asset management processes, and optimised maintenance work processes. Earlier this year, BAC migrated its server to Amazon Web Services, positioning it alongside a growing number of Bahrain government entities shifting to the cloud platform.



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