Bahrain Airport Company CEO highlights the importance of airline readiness for new terminal launch

All airlines operating out of Bahrain International Airport (BIA) are expected to be fully prepared and ready for the launch of the new Passenger Terminal Building in the first quarter of 2020, Bahrain Airport Company (BAC) Chief Executive Officer, Mohamed Yousif Al Binfalah told a meeting of senior airline representatives. The ongoing trials at the new facility are part of the national Operations Readiness and Airport Transfer (ORAT) programme, which is designed to progressively test the new facility’s functions, systems, and procedures to ensure they are ready for the transition phase.

Mr Al Binfalah highlighted the importance of the trials, saying: “The new Passenger Terminal Building’s advanced systems, equipment and communications technologies require considerable training and familiarity to operate. All stakeholders must have an in-depth understanding of how these systems work in an integrated operational environment. The trials will help airline staff make full use of the features these systems provide, ensuring that passengers enjoy a travel experience of the highest standards.”

Mr Al Binfalah added: “The safety and security of passengers and staff at BIA are our top priorities. The trials will assist all the participating stakeholders to be adequately trained and ensure that BIA continues to operate in line with global aviation standards. With just months to go until the inauguration of the new terminal, an even greater effort is required to make sure we are all ready to launch with a flying start.”

The ORAT process is split into three phases, pre-trials, basic trials, and advanced trials. Each successfully executed stage is an accomplishment that brings BAC and its partners another step closer to launching an airport the entire country can be proud of. The advanced trials will see public volunteers playing the role of passengers to put the new terminal’s advanced systems, processes, and procedures put to the test, and helping to identify any areas for improvement ahead of its inauguration.

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